Ajit's  summary :
20 mins for news,  10  mins  for  f.u-  for  consultants
30  mins  news  &  15  mins  follow  up  for  trainees
4 hour  PA  to have  30  mins  of  clinic  admin time to allow  for  slow  IT  systems  ,  Electronic  records ,   etc
So,   210  mins to  be  allocated  for  these appointments.
Dear All
I know this is a fairly basic question but would appreciate input !
What would CD’s normally expect consultant colleagues to see in a 3.5 hour elective clinic in terms of New and f/up pts  ( without add ons / overrunning and all the other pressures)
Many thanks
The new blue book should have provided the answer but heard nothing further from the BOA has any one?

15 min plus 5 admin time for new patients except spine and revision which is 25 to 30 min plus 10. Admin time during or after clinic. 

Followup 10 minutes except spines and revisions 15 minutes. 

Plus 0.25 of a PA admin for every direct patient contact (gp letters choose and book scan results wl managment etc)

Amr Mohsen


Just to add another dimension to this 
Were you aware that the physicians get a ‘ admin’ session time added on for every clinic they see? I think this varies between 0.5 and 1 / clinic 
So if you are filling your clinics then there should be additional admin sessions whereas a clinic that runs for 4 hours but is underfilled may have admin included in it 
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Would depend on the speciality to some extent but on average 10 new (15 minute slot) and 15 follow ups (10 minute slot). 
Since moving to EPR last month our clinic admin time between patients have considerably gone up!

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12 Patients max in a New Patient clinic (Unless spinal but no service at present) - generally 15minute slots but limited to 12
22 max in a RP clinic  - generally 10 minute slots
36 max in a # clinic - generally 5 minute slots
NP and RP elective clinics and separate and not mixed
Alex Acornley
Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, North Yorkshire