Antbiotic prophylaxis


A survey was carried out amongst BODS members on the subject of antibiotic prophylaxis for total joint replacement, at the instigation of Guy Slater. There was a total of  29 responses.


Usage was as follows for primaries:


12 use cephalosporin ( 11 cefuroxime, 1 cephalexin) 2 combine with with Teicoplanin

4 use Teicoplanin with Gentamicin. 

10 use Flucloxacillin and Gentamicin.

1 used Coamoxyclav.

1 Flucloxacillin alone

1 Teicoplanin alone.


Several responses mentioned that they had moved away from Gentamicin regarding concerns about acute kidney injury.

Guy comments that he wonders if it would be useful for the NJR to start collecting antibiotic usage?