I wonder if anybody has experience either in NHS or privately of working in a facility undertaking elective in patient surgery with no resident medical cover?
Chris Tulloch
North Tees and Hartlepool
Interesting question. 
Wolverhampton have recently taken over the use of Cannock Chase hospital following the dissolution of Mid Staffs. 
It is an elective only orthopaedic unit, with a rehab ward and some inpatient rheumatology
In the Mid Staffs days out of hours cover was one medical SHO. 
A body called the National Clinical Advisory Group ( the great and the good from royal colleges sitting in London) advised the body overseeing the hand over that for Cannock to continue as an elective only orthopaedic unit certain criteria were required:
1. We can only do ASA 1 and 2 patients, with the possibility of SOME ASA 3. ( surprising how few arthroplasty patients qualify!!)
2. In addition to the SHO, we have had to put in a middle grade orthopod, and a middle grade anaesthetic resident on call. 
This is way way too much. Recruitment has been a nightmare ( no trainees allowed!) and the guys do sweet FA at night. 
However, if this is the level of cover NCAG  think is required, any unit with no resident cover would be very very vulnerable if anything went wrong. 
I presume from the tone of your enquiry you don't want to agree to this arrangement. I hope the above gives some ammunition.
Now ex-CD, New Cross hospital, Wolverhampton.
  No experience in either sector.
Can’t see any reason to consider
Hi Chris
no personal experience in NHS or private. I am sure patient safety will be compromised in that situation if inpatient care is provided.
Calderdale & Huddersfield