Ethicon to Braun  change

Afternoon Adam,
We did a 'Trial' for ~4 weeks and abandoned almost immediately due to inferior product, multiple failures and very rough handling throuhg tissues of their Vicryl equivalent (The Orthopaedic workshorse). Ethicon was always availabel throughout the 'trial'. We have a good relationship with Management (always a relative term but I'm sure you no what I mean) and a very high safety ethos/record so all changes always go through a 'trial' system rathen than imposition.
This complaint about B Braun sutures was universal across all specialities not just us moaning. You are always in charge of your own destiny, if you feel the product is inferior, cancel the patients on safety grounds. You'll always win. You must have Ethicon available if they wish you to trail or the same should occur.
Best if luck!
Alex Acornley
Clinical Director of Orthopaedics
Airedale Hospitals NHGS Foundation Trust, Yorkshire

Exactly the same process at Bradford

Things came to a head when all the knots used during a vascular case slowly unwound and the patient nearly bled to death.

Universally disliked across all departments. They even tried the local private hospital though that didn’t last long!

A few years ago Leeds tried the same thing. A 'trial' in the interests of saving money.  As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The needles were not the same shape as the ethicon equivalents, they bent easily, the tips came off, the material was not the same and pulled out of the needles. There was such uproar and complaints that the trial was dropped and we kept the proven stuff. 
Similar experiences with theatre gloves and gowns....
Roger Hackney